CleanROM for the lg g3



  • fw/base: general fixes from CAF/upstream
  • system/core: speed up boot for device that use CPUSET
  • build: fix verity generation
  • Sepolicy: rebased both system/sepolicy and device/qcom/sepolicy repos
  • Gemini: add script to load WLAN firmware dynamically
  • Build: fixed compiling flags for Kryo targets
  • Art: ported varius optimisations from AOSPA
  • Art: add support for Kryo 32 bit devices
  • Bionic: merged a lot of optimisations (mostly for Kryo) from AOSPA/Upstream
  • Build: added Roomservice
  • libunwind_llvm: merged latest upstream changes
  • sdcard: switch sdcardfs over to bind mounts
  • CPUSETS/SCHEDBOOST: turns the build time variables into runtime decision
  • system/core: fixes-cleaning for cgroups
  • libpng: update to v1.6.25
  • skia: general fixes/updates
  • fw/base: various fixes from upstream
  • aapt: set (and enforce) 0 compression ratio as default
  • vendor/aosp: Pixel theme: various fixes/enhancements
  • libjpeg-turbo: Upgrade to 1.5.1 + lot of fixes
  • Overlays: enable Wi-Fi by default on first boot (fixes SetupWizard crash if Gapps are for 7.1.1 ROM)
  • Overlays: enable full alarm info in quick settings drawer
  • Telephony: make sensitive phone numbers not to be shown in call log history.
  • Telephony: fixed minor inconsistency in the CDMA call settings
  • contacts-common: add support for import contacts to local phone storage
  • contacts-common: add support to export multi contacts to Vcard
  • base/bionic/jemalloc: port upstream changes for decay time
  • base/av: merge various fixes from upstream
  • Browser: drop AOSP Browser in favour of Jelly
  • WevView: add Chromium WevView (Available now: Google Stable/Beta and Chromium Stable)
  • Build: fix user builds
  • adb: fix adb issues with user builds
  • Updated props for SetupWizard
  • General translations updates
  • init.rc: cleaned a bit our rc and removed SysInit
  • LatinIME: fix gesture typing without GApps installed
  • system/core: reverted sched policy changes made by CAF
  • init: Run restorecon_recursive asynchronously


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